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amarrar = hacer que alguien se enamore perdidamente, sujetar al capricho de otro

Your end of searching Delhi Escorts end here. Nights always seem like a distant dream that I once had the chance to cherish, because my nights aren't mine any longer, they have become a pricey log that men can wield to burn off their everlasting lust. I seldom calculate my life on the number of sunsets or sunrise but by the number of bodies both small and large, young and old, that pass me around after they are done feasting on the youth that I sell, and the time in-between. The time in-between are wasted in waiting, waiting for more men that will find me worthy to spend their hard-earned money on, because not just my survival but the meaning to my existence lies with those hard arms trying to reach out to me. I signed up to be a <a href="">Delhi Escorts</a> out of spite for my father who pushed me away from my childhood home, as I had taken a liking to drugs and boys. I hated him for pushing me away for something so trivial, something so innate, an innocent, motherless adolescent girl, that every nerve in my body pushed me into doing something that I know he would be most ashamed of, I wanted his cold eyes and high held shoulders to droop down to the ground out of sheer humiliation that his daughter was a <a href="">Delhi Escorts</a>. That is why I began working inside Delhi, the city I grew up in so that my father would somehow hear about the profession I have chosen for myself and hang himself in shame. So many men who come in search of my services find me from the many <a href="">Free Classifieds In India</a> sites on the internet all over, on which I have posted advertisements on, I don't usually put up my pictures there but I assure them that I am good looking in description, most do not take the bait, but the ones who do come with lowered expectations. I sit on the bed covering my head with the saree, and when they unwrap me, they are pleasantly surprised, it's part of my charm, the little magic I add to my job. One day an older gentleman booked me for a night and showed up to my room, I was sitting on the bed with the head covering, waiting for the man to uncover my face, I am usually as eager as the clients are to see who I am getting to spend the night with. I could hear the man sitting in a chair near me, but I didn't feel his hands over my body, rather he began to talk in a somewhat familiar voice, “beta, I have a daughter like you, she was a very nice girl, she did some small mistakes, but I was extremely stern with her, I was brought up with an iron fist and that was the only way I knew how to raise a child. Before I could realize my mistakes, she was already too far away from me, I tried to track her down without getting the police involved because I was embarrassed to accept to everyone that I pushed her away." I tried to remove my head cover to see who it was, but he stopped me and said he was not there to have sex but repent, talk to someone without restrictions.

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